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Laminated shingles DRAGON Серия STANDARD, blueberry

Ламинированная черепица - Döcke PIE DRAGON Серия STANDARD - Blueberry
Shingle thickness
5 mm
Basalt granules


Dӧcke PIE DRAGON laminated shingles has a wider shingle, which is 20% larger in total area, than the conventional "Dragon tooth" laminated shingles of most manufacturers. It will not be anexaggeration to say that Dӧcke PIE DRAGON`s "Teeth" are the largest in their category!


The largeshing leisalsoa reason for special beauty oftheroof cover,asthe shingle of the larger forms looks on the roof much more winning and attractive.

Eases the installation

The big shingle of Döcke DRAGON STANDARD makes roofing installation considerably simplier and faster. The number of the shingles installed and the nails battered down shall decrease by 20%! The shingle is designed in a way that you don’t have to loose time to remove any protective films.

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